Job limits

Because of increased ability of SGE to handle parallel jobs, and some users affinity for filling the queue with long jobs, we have implemented a couple of methods for handling this.

Max Threads/Jobs per user

There is a hard limit on the number of cores any one person can utilize at any point in time. It is set to 500 currently, which I think is reasonable. If, for some reason, a user were to need this limitation raised, the administrator would need to be e-mailed with the request, and a detailed explanation as to why you need that many cores. To determine how many cores you have utilized, and what the limit is, you would need to have a job running and run the qquota command:

mozes@loki ~ $ qquota
resource quota rule limit                filter
max_slots_per_user/1 slots=4/500        users *

Time Limits

Roughly 1/4 of the nodes cannot be used for longer than 72 hours. This means that there should always be cores available for short jobs. You do not need to know which machines are setup this way, the scheduler will handle the changes on it's own. qstat -j will tell you why a job is not starting.