Installing Java PathFinder

Initial Steps

The JPF install script must be run from (cislinux).

  1. Log into
  2. Next we need to add a library to your class path.
    1. Bash users
      1. add the following to your ~/.bashrc file:
        export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr/share/bcel/lib/bcel.jar
      2. reload your .bashrc
        viper$ source ~/.bashrc
    2. csh/tcsh users
      1. add the following to your ~/.cshrc file:
        setenv CLASSPATH $CLASSPATH:/usr/share/bcel/lib/bcel.jar
  3. Now you can run the install script which will place the JPF files in your home directory:
    viper$ installjpf

Running JPF

Documentation is available in ~/jpf/trunk/docs in the form of html files, just open with a web browser or you can visit

You run it from the ~/jpf/trunk directory using:


Usage is covered in the documentation.

For More Information

Please see the Java PathFinder site: