CIS Accounts

The CIS Department maintains it's own authentication systems for the various services that we provide.

Getting a CIS Account

The following steps are necessary to receive an account on the CIS systems.

Activate your eID

We only create accounts for students who already have a valid eID from CNS (don't confuse CNS and CIS). One enrolled you may get an eID throught the following steps:

  1. Go to the eID page.

  2. Follow the instructions there to receive your eID and CNS account.
  3. You should receive confirmation of your eID and password immediately.

You may also get an account in person 313 Hale Library. Be sure to bring a valid Kansas State University ID with you.

Apply for a CIS Account

Once you have a valid CNS account, you can use the CIS Systems page to apply for a CIS account. You may do this from any CNS lab, such as the lab in Room 21 in the basement of Nichols.

  1. Go to the SelfServ section of the support site.

  2. Follow the link Request a CIS Account and follow the instructions on that page.
  3. Your account should be created within 24 hours by the Account Manager. When it is created, you will be notified by email.
  4. Once created, you should be able to access most systems immediately.

Password Scope

One important concept for managing your username and password(s) is understanding the scope of accounts with CIS. The majority of services in the CIS department all utilize the central authentication system, but some do not. The following diagram illustrates those differences.


Password Policies

There are policies regarding your password here at CIS. More information on that can be found here.

Password Strength

Password strength is an important requirement for CIS passwords and can be a little annoying at times for an important reason: the CIS department requires stronger passwords than your eID password. A "stronger" password means that it's harder to "crack" using common methods like a dictionary attack or random guess.

For calculating password strength, there are four categories of characters: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Your password must contain three of those categories.

See the UserGuide on Password Complexity Please see this page on password complexity requirements.

Account Removal and Alumni Accounts

We are often asked, "What happens to my account after I leave?" If you switch majors or are not getting a degree from our department, your account may be removed at any time during a semester your are not currently taking a CIS class. We do not offer any guarantee of service for non-CIS majors.

If you are an alumni or a student in the department, you may keep your account indefinitely. The only requirement is that you change your password at least once per year. If you do not change your password for more than a year, your account is considered inactive and may be removed. We want alumni to have access to their account after they leave because it is often beneficial for you to have access to some of our computing resources for posting your resume on your personal page, accessing email here, or just as an external location to ping from. The systems staff, however, only provides a minimum of support to alumni because our focus is making computing resources available for current students and faculty. However, if you do have a problem, please make a help request to let us know about it.

When an account is removed, we do not delete any data. At this time, we retain all data stored in a user's home directory (your U: and M: drives) in a zipped archive forever. This may change, but at the current rate of storage cost decreases, this policy will stay in place for some time. Thus, if your account is removed and you get a new one at some later time, you may make a request to have your old data restored from archive as well. Also, if your account is removed and you need something from your old account, we can send you the archive if you send email to the "help" email address and can provide proof that your are the person that the data belongs to.

The policies on your eID are completely separate. As of this writing, the eID itself is yours forever and you may login to KATS and your eProfile to check your grades and update your account indefinitely. However, you cannot use KSU to store your email any more. If this is a problem, please see the "Alumni Email" section of the Email section of the CIS User Guide for details.