CIS no longer handles email directly. If you have a CIS account, you may receive email to an @cis address with the same user name as your eID: eID@cis.ksu.edu

For information on how to configure your email program on your own PC or laptop, please see the iTAC web site on email settings.

iTAC is responsible for primary support of email services. As such, we may refer you to them for some requests or can handle help requests as an intermediary. However, for many email requests, you may get prompter and better help from iTAC than from the CIS support staff. They are more familiar with those systems than we are.

Text-Based Email Access

We provide support within CIS for two text-based email clients: Pine and Mutt. You will need to first connect to a Unix machine via SSH to do this. See Computing Facilities for details on how to do this.

Once connected, you will need to start a mail program. To run the email program type pine or mutt at the command prompt.

Outgoing Mail Settings

You should use the outgoing mail settings provided on the settings page.

Forwarding Email

If you want to forward your email, you will need to edit the eProfile for your eID.

Alumni Email

We are frequently asked, "What happens to my email when I graduate?" Unfortunately, the central services of K-State will not allow you to store your email on K-State servers anymore (please contact your student/faculty senators or the Provost's office if you want this changed). However, we would like you to be able to keep your mail storage on campus if you like. Thus, we've created a special email service just for our alumni.

To use this service, do the following:

  1. You must have a CIS account. Our policy on CIS accounts is that you get to keep your account indefinitely after you leave, as long as you continue to update your password every year. If you let your password lapse for longer than a year, your account will be removed due to disuse. You should receive a notification by this email address before your password expires.
  2. Your email address will remain eid@ksu.edu, just as it is now by following these steps.

  3. In your eProfile settings on the main K-State site, forward your email to username@alumni.cis.ksu.edu where "username" is your CIS account name. Keep giving out your eid@ksu.edu or eid@cis.ksu.edu email address and your mail will begin to be delivered onto our Alumni Email server.

  4. To check your Alumni Email, we do not have webmail available at this time, as it is our hope that this will be a temporary service that will be provided by the College of Engineering or Kansas State University in the near future. Instead, you will need the following settings for incoming mail::
    Server Type:           IMAP
    Incoming Server:       imap.alumni.cis.ksu.edu
    SSL:                   Yes
    Secure Authentication: No
    and for outgoing mail you will want:
    Server Type:           SMTP
    Outgoing Server:       smtp.alumni.cis.ksu.edu
    SSL:                   Yes (TLS or SSL should work on all clients, except older versions of Outlook)
    Secure Authentication: Yes (Password Authentication, if there are options)
  5. If you use a mail program that allows you to have multiple accounts, you may transfer any email you have at your existing KSU account over to your new KSU Alumni account.

Please note that while we hope to maintain this service as well as we can, we don't have the resources to guarantee that it will always be available. Please let us know if you have a problem with your email and we will try to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. You can make a request to let us know of your problem.

You are also not limited to using this service, you can, if you choose, forward your email to any address of your choice. If you want to use an email account you have through your ISP or an online email service, you are free to do so and still continue to user your eid@ksu.edu email address indefinitely.