Getting Help

The CIS Department has a dedicated team of system administrators to handle most questions, however it is important to follow a few guidelines when asking for help.

Web Documentation

The first location to check for information regarding your question or concern is here at the CIS Support site. The User Guide has answers to the vast majority of questions you may have.

Asking for Help

In order to manage the tremendous volume of email and requests that we receive each day, we utilize an application called Request Tracker (RT) that creates a "ticket" for each request email we receive. Here are a few guidelines that you should follow to receive the most prompt support.

By E-mail

By Web

The Request Tracker software also provides a web front end for accessing the tickets that are currently in the system. You can visit to access your tickets and check on the progress for your requests.

By Phone

We are reachable through the CIS office (785) 532-6350. E-mail request will receive a higher priority than phone calls, but a phone call can sometimes be an appropriate way to follow up on a request.

In Person

The systems staff have offices in Nichols 116 and 117. One of us is usually available between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. However, again, email is the preferred method for support.