Password Settings

Important Note

All account passwords are case-sensitive. Please be sure to use upper- and lower-case characters as necessary when entering your password.

Password Complexity Requirements

As of January, 2014, the following are the current requirements for CIS account passwords.

All passwords MUST

These requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

Changing Your Password

There are currently three different ways to get your password changed.


You can reset your password online from the password reset page at All you need is your eid user name and password for authentication. This will set your CIS password is set to your current eid password.

From a CIS Lab Computer

If you are on a CIS Lab computer, server, or other workstation, you may change your password directly from that machine.

In Person

If your account has been deactivated or you have trouble resetting your password, you will need to come see one of the systems administrators in Nichols 116, 117, or 118. Be sure to bring along a photo ID so we can verify your identity.

If you are an off-campus student, please contact us by phone at 785-532-6350. We are available in the office most times between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM US Central Time.